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for Beginner's

*Becoming a Medium*

Suitable for

Complete Beginner's to Nervous Mediums, or past Mediums needing to return from foundation up^

11 July 2020 -

(10.30 - 14.30) UK GMT Time


Learn how to become a Medium!


A MASTERCLASS of Mediumship unfoldment, suitable for beginner's, (lower and higher level beginners), novices or returning mediums from the past! 


If a little doubtful of your Mediumship ability, this is the class for you. As a standalone masterclass it enables you to be taught the fundamentals for the analytical mind how to understand the process  and of a Medium make take. On completion, if you enjoy the session you can sign up for the regular closed beginner's group.  You won't be the only nervous student attending but from your armchair at home, discover how to proceed into the steps of learning how to become a Medium.


At the start, sit back, relax, listen and enjoy!

  • Phase 1, of this Masterclass which begins with an introductory talk, and you are encouraged to make written notes.

  • Phase 2,  you will be led to watch and learn via a PowerPoint presentation to help you become familiar with the terminology, mechanics, certification education process from start to finish of Mediumship.

  • Phase 3, of the Masterclass includes a gentle exercise for beginners to participate in.


From The Tutor:

I look forward to seeing you online Saturday 11 July 2020, for your Mediumship training. Please note I have been a teacher of Adult learning for over 20 years working with very, non-confident people so I have a LOT of patience, I am open to being asked numerous questions and willing to help you begin the first steps towards finding your confidence.  As a Spiritualist Mediums DSNUTt, in demonstrating, TAP.Dip ability to train the trainer and remembering being unconfident myself, when I first started, I know what it takes, so I hope you will allow me to help you.


It aims to be a fun, interesting, uplifting albeit an intensive masterclass.  

This Masterclass is a foundation for beginner's wanting to learn how to become a Medium. On completion you have the opportunity to join our regular classes of Mediumship for beginners.    


BOOK NOW where possible, as spaces are limited.


The masterclass sessions are held on Zoom. Once paid you will be sent notification of payment received and the Zoom ID code and password at least 4 days prior to the event start time.  Please note: A small PayPal adminstration fee will incur at checkout.  Unfortuantley, due to the nature of this event and its limited numbers, refunds are not provided unless cancelling the same day as payment and not less than 5 days prior to the event start date.  You may however, notify me of someone else taking your place for that Masterclass event.


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