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Private Appointments 

Receive a Psychic Art Auragraph by Spiritual Artist Anne-Marie Bond.

An auragraph is a drawing or painting hand-drawn to portray your life, and spiritual path. The colours are so vibrant, the imagery tells a story in a story, in a story. One of my favourite types of artwork outside of Spirit portraits as the pleasure it gives people.  Each commission results in a different style auragraph as no two are ever the same.  As like time, your mood may change from moment to moment, season to season and therefore, my aim is to capture your essence of mood in the drawing.


Currently, I offer a digital hand-painted auragraph which I love to do and allows me to apply various ranges of my creativity using varied brush work. The digital artwork are much more vibrant and when hung on your wall gives the 'wow' factor!  At the moment, I am also offering a timelapse video of the last 1 hours work. I complete your digital auragraph by adding my signature. Your finished artwork will also be accompanied by an intuitive summarised interpretation reading based on the imagery and colours used. When I begin, I never know what the finished version will look like, as it progress itself.  All the while I will be allowing myself to blend with your auric field as I focus on your photo, no matter where you are in the world.


Are meant to be a visual interpretation of an aspect of your aura to capture visually a story of your timeline, past, present, hopes and reams for the future. The benefit of this is the clarity the auragraph story provides, no matter if you opt for a pre-painted auragraph or commission a new one.  

Please note: The auragraphs are high-end artwork due the time that can be spent plus the intutiive reading.



I do not place a set amount of 'hours' on any commission. I give between 5 days and 20 days, as I may work on the project over days rather than just 'hours'. My sole intention is to blend with your Aura to draw your mood and capture it as artwork. As  this is consuming artwork, the price reflects this.



When it arrives, print, frame and then hang on your wall. It makes a lovely art home decor.  You can print up to any size, maximum is A2 (approx 16.5"x23.4". This super large artwork is also reflected in the price as you will be receiving a real psychic art auragraph fully hand-drawn and painted whether using a digital tablet or paper.  You can also upload the image to your mobile phone or computers backwall, you choose! 


In my art studio I only use professional grade materials, whether painting a Goddess Oil Painting (my highest budget service), or auragraphs on traditional paper.

All auragraphs are never the same, due to the individuality of each person. Even clients who request another drawing will always receive a different drawing for that 'energetic' time of their life.  Although I work in the traditional manner with certain watercolour paper and my professional colour set in pencils and watercolour this is for those that visit me in person.  



Psychic Art Pre.Hand-painted - Digital Art - instant delivery - image only 

You can click the image offered below (immediate download) to print (A4) and hang on your wall.


Psychic Art Pre.Hand-painted - Digital Art - instant delivery - image plus mini reading interpretation (email)

You can click the image offered below (immediate download) to print (A4) and hang on your wall.



Psychic Art Commission - Digital format - instant delivery - time-lapse with audio MP4 video reading

Once paid will take up to 20 days in busier periods and up to 5 days in not so busy periods.  Will be sent by email as a jpeg 400dpi image. Printable to A2 (Super Large) 16.5"x23.4". Very vibrant and colourful.


Psychic Art LIVE Commission - with Anne-Marie via Zoom (1 hour)

Traditional Paper - Watercolour - postage optional - with reading

Watch your drawing being created LIVE accompanied with a personal reading.

A copy of the finished artwork will be sent via email. For original postage/packaging fee will apply.


Digital Auragraph Instant Dowload

Image Only

$15.00 +

Click IMAGE below

Digital Auragraph Instant Dowload

Image + Reading


The image will be sent to you with the reading!

Digital Auragraph A2 New Commissions

Image-MP4 Reading


Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout

TraditionalAuragraph LIVE Commission



Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout


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