Learn how to turn your passion into £1000!

Covid unfortunately has knocked many people from earning money as they used to. It has also reduced self-confidence, and cause anxiety of many not only due to the worry about their own health but for loved ones, even pets. but the concern for future finances.

Whilst you may not be able to change what happens 'outside the home', you can change what happens within the home. 


IT IS POSSIBLE to earn money from within the home, using little resources, using skills you didn't even know you had, or making your learnt skills work for you. All you need is a little direction, get up and go i.e actively active and a blue print i.e. a map to follow to get you to a place where you can earn as little as #100 pounds to #1000 pounds, euros or dollars within 1 week to 6 months.


This masterclass will walk you through various options open to you that you may not have thought about that you can provide your skill into a service/product something that helps/aids other people.


Follow what is shown in the Masterclass and how to create your OWN blueprint, within a short period of time, it's possible like others you too can be early a one-off lump sum, or turning your blueprint into regular funds.  


What would you do with an extra #1000 in your pocket?


The only MAGIC is what magic lays dormant within you.

The purpose of this Masterclass is to provide the pathway to bring it out!

This Masterclass is FREE from

  • Teaching about STOCKS

  • Teaching about REAL ESTATE

  • Teaching about becoming an INSTRGRAM INFLUENCER

  • Teaching about the need to NETWORK with other SALES people

  • Teaching how to marry a Sugar Daddy or Mamma

This Masterclass is ALL about


  • What YOU HAVE within you that could be used to generate a new income stream.

  • Most people waste life by just waiting for that cheque, but when you are in a country that allows you earn money, why don't you?

What would you seriously do with an extra #1000?

  • Are you fed up of being fed up of trying to make ends meet?

  • Are you fed up of not knowing how to generate an additional income?

  • Are you fed up of other people making money and all you have are debts?



Money Back Guarantee

I have secured a safety net for your investment paid for this course. If you have not earned back the funds for this Masterclass in 4 months BY following the blueprint and progression update rules, you will get your MONEY BACK less 30% to cover administrational *conditions apply.  Coaching clients is something I love do and may manner I hope is where you will find me to be approachable, engaging, professional, fun and light-hearted. The Money back is a curtesy offer, not necessarily a mandatory offer.


I TEACH only what I have done and I believe, in order to GAIN MORE WEALTH, sometimes you have to INVEST in gaining the KNOWLEDGE.

If unable to make the class you can book your own private session.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your wealth x

Once booked, I will personally email you with confirmation of your booking and then provide nearer to the event a free e-handbook that accompanies the class.

02 Jan 21 - Places Available - Advisable to Book Early

14 Dec 2020 - Sold Out

14.00-20.30 (BST)

09.00-15.30 (EST)

Limited Numbers

Money Back Guarantee

06.00-12.30 (PDT)




Early bird needs to be paid in full (not instalments) for paying in full - you will receive a 1:2:1 45 mins progression session (details on booking)



bonus for paying in full - you will receive a 1:2:1 30 mins progression session (details supplied on booking)

Instalment Plan Accepted

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You can pay in instalments. The first payment is a non-refundable deposit.  Other payments are refundable if request individually within 48 hrs of instalment payment made.


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