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How can you tell if you need a Private Coach?


If you have found your development stalling, confidence swaying or simply feel a little confused at exactly what you should be focusing on spiritually, these appointments will be beneficial. If you feel you need to improve your skills, then Anne-Marie's private coaching appointments could complete that gap.  You will a full description of each service offered below for a private coaching session. These will always be at a higher price as the investment the coach puts into your sole development.  Instalments to suit your budget are accepted.


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RUN YOUR OPEN CIRCLE Private 1:1 Mentoring

(via Zoom) - Coaching Appointments 


A private session with Anne-Marie who will help you understand how to run your own private, open or closed circle for spiritual development in the area of your choice. Some students will begin a circle, or class, or course without having any form of 'tutoring, or teaching' ability. There are so many things that could go wrong, when students begin to teach others without understanding student learning needs, how to create an inclusive environment, how to motivate or create the authoritarian role when needed. 


Whilst some are natural teachers and without training manage to create a workable training class, for others, they could create a demotivation in students.  It's not just about students, the student who now puts themselves in a tutorial position, invests time and effort, knowledge etc into a student who either then, becomes a student stalker, or takes your information and disappears without so much of a thank you.  This appointment will look at the subject the coaching client wants to teach and will receive a blue print of how to make it as 'successful' as it can be.  You will receive great guidance, advice and access to the supportive material to keep you in the loop with new training material and online tools to assist you.

Your investment ensures you gain the knowledge and experience Anne-Marie has acquired over the last 20 years in her teaching experience to assist you with 'fast-tracking' aspects of your desired goal. She is a certified, qualified Medium and Teacher.

60 mins: This will be a discussion plus demonstration on shared zoom screen

Once booked an appointment is made within 1-10 days regarding schedule suitablilty for both

Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


1 hr 

Discussion / Training

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