First Steps: Becoming a Psychic Artist

22nd Aug 2020 -

(19.00 - 21.30) UK GMT Time

LEARN Psychic ARTISTS Masterclass 22 Aug

Suitable for   Beginner's to Intermediate levels


Masterclass: Learning How To Develop and become a Psychic Artist

Discover how to begin your first steps into becoming a Spirit Portrait Artist - by understanding how to develop your Psychic Artistry first!  This class will help you work on colour, drawing psychic pictures, understanding colour meanings and learning how to interpret drawings correctly.  This is also the basis of learning how to design your own spiritual cards for card readings in the future.


A great class for people who believe they CANNOT draw. You will be given the information you will need once payment has been received.A great class for the wellbeing of the Soul, a relaxing period for the mind, and upliftment for the Spirit, why deny yourself!  If you are interested in Art but believe you cannot draw, this would be a great masterclass to attend!


It would suit those interested in the Spiritual Art of Colour who may wish at some point to do public readings using art as their service.




Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Spirit Artist & Fine Artist

She is a self-taught artist to a level of  commission professional realism artwork.  A professional teacher of adults for over 20 years and 8+ years as a  Spirit Artist and Medium. 


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