Psychic Readings

Please choose your preferred reading, once paid, Anne-Marie will send you a confirmation of payment and include the next three dates to choose your private appointment.  Her prices below reflect her 20 years professional experience and appointment time.

one specific question


Psychic Tarot Answers to one specific question (via Email)


This will be a reading conducted on your behalf to provide clarity and bring peace of mind no matter which way I see the answer unfolding through the cards. 


Please ensure your question is sent to me directly after payment, and is specifically written to gain a yes or no.  Not multiple questions in one sentence. I will then type the answer in my email reply, usually about 100 words. Reading sent after payment within a guided time-frame of 1 - 72 hours.



Psychic Tarot General Overview Reading (via Email)


This will be a reading conducted on your behalf to provide clarity and bring peace of mind no matter which way I see the answer unfolding through the cards.  Five cards will be drawn to view current situations to possible progressions. You will receive a paragraph of information based on each card.

  • Card 1: You/Now/Life  

  • Card 2: Reflection of People coming into your life and why

  • Card 3: Future Career (Possible Changes)

  • Card 4: Friendships or Relationships

  • Card 5: Joyful Possibilities over the next year

Please note the current turnaround is within a 4 week cycle due to the current waiting list of email readings.   

Private 1:2:1
 via Zoom



via Telephone (client's call)


Readings take place via the telephone (live).   The appointment is booked for a general overview reading that will allow the cards to unfold what it wishes to reveal about your current, past and maybe, possible future.


This is an overall general reading, with no questions asked at the end. It is amazing how accurate the cards can be in 15 mins. 

Once paid you will receive the next 3 available date(s).

Private 1:2:1
 via Zoom


Psychic Tarot PRIVATE 1:2:1 Appointment Reading  (30 mins)

via Zoom 


Readings take place via Zoom (live).   The reading begins with a general based reading to see what the cards view as your current situations, hopes, aspirations, trouble people in your life etc. 


There will be time to ask your most desired question(s) in order for you to leave the appointment with peace of mind and clarity in that you seek in relationships, or work, or personal development. 

Once paid you will receive the next available date(s) to choose from.

Private 1:2:1
 via Zoom

Small Paypal admin fee will apply at checkout


Psychic Tarot 1:2:1 Private Appointment Reading (45 mins)

via Zoom or Telephone (client's preference)


Readings take place via Zoom (live). 

This is the higher budget reading that allows you to intercept my day, reschedule my appointments to accommodate a same-day SOS urgent reading for you. The cost values the re-arrangement of my schedule to accommodate an appointment within 3 hours of booking.  I have regular clients that request this when they need that 'birdseye' view.  Usually a same-day appointment will be made within 1 to 3 hours, where payment is made between 6am - 5pm.


During the start of our appointment I work on the voice. I've been featured in the Spirit and Destiny magazine numerous times as a voice vibration reader. I prefer not to know prior what the issue is as I work best not knowing beforehand what you have arrived for.


 I will attune to the frequency and be able to tell you what I see, feel about your life, before turning 'any cards' over. You may want me to continue the appointment this way, or perhaps you may also want me to use the cards to answer your specific and unlimited questions.


My sole aim is for you to leave the appointment with peace of mind and your much needed clarity you are seeking, be it, certain choices you need to make, personal relationships, work changes, personal or spiritual development. 



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