First Steps: Successful Teaching Online

08th Aug 2020 -

(18.45-22.00) UK GMT Time

Learn To Teach Masterclass 13 Sep 2020.j

Suitable for   Beginner's to Intermediate levels


A Masterclass if you want to learn how to teach online successfully


You are advised to book early for this once a year Masterclass!

Masterclass: The Fundamentals of Teaching Your Content Online

A great session that unveils the top 10 tools a teacher must adopt if they want to run SUCCESSFUL sessions in person and online.


This masterclass focuses on providing you with a downloadable checklist, price range/scope and tools you will need to position yourself as a leading, successful tutor! Anyone can advertise, anyone go can LIVE on FB, and other social media platforms, but what makes a great teacher?  


Learn how to use PowerPoint, Prepare Material and receive feedback, your friends and family members won't know to tell you! Everyone wants you to do well, but this masterclass will definitely identify potential pitfalls saving you a lot of money, disgrace, and time!

So would you like to TEACH other people what you know?  A great teacher knows how to pre-plan the lesson, or to run a class inspirationally (comes with experience). Trying to jump into the TEACHING arena, without education and understanding of the responsibilities, care and duty you have to others that pay you to learn, is a different ball game, than just the idea of wanting to teach.

There are many aspects to learn, students behaviours, expectations, sensitivity, (especially if they feel left out), having strong content to teach others, whilst maintaining the balance of providing learning to those more experienced than those less so.  You also have to be approachable, available, present, engaging, passionate, knowledgeable and able to ask the 'right' questions to specific students who are not the ones 'grabbing' your attention throughout the class.


You have to learn how to deal with disruptive students, non-confident students, emotional students, angry students, bored students, and much more, especially if your want your group session to be a success.

As a teacher with 20 years under my belt teaching Adults, I aim to demonstrate time-saving tips to help get your course, class up and running successfully. One lucky student will have a poster created live as part of the Masterclass demonstration and emailed to them before the end of the session.  My design poster rates are £35 for each poster - so perhaps you will be the lucky one to receive a free one!

  1. You will learn how to advertise your class, create dynamic posters and the best platforms to use.

  2. You will be given a taster in how to create a website for 'technophobes' those unhinged when it comes to anything Computer technical

  3. You will be taught how to PRICE your course against your knowledge, skill and database.

  4. You will be shown my teaching space and art studio showing you the equipment you will need.

This Masterclass will leave nothing bare!

You will learn most of my tips, tricks and technique in hosting successful classes but beyond that, learning how to PREPARE your material, how to generate new ideas for the content of the type of class you want to run whether for spiritual sessions or external ones. Volunteers will be asked to share their ideas for the classes they might want to teach in the future and will be given valuable feedback on ideas and tips to make it successful!

The final phase of this masterclass is to offer a few volunteers to run a portion of their intended session for 20 minutes and receive valuable feedback and advice from Anne-Marie at the end, live!

If you are not ready to run your own class but in the back of your mind you feel someday you would like to... this is the class for you. This masterclass is run only once a year!


  1. Create lesson plans, structure classes to help students gain maximum benefit.

  2. Engage students participation

  3. Watch for different learning styles and patterns in each student. 

  4. Handle difficult or disruptive or needy students.

  5. Become approachable,  likeable, be firm but fair and build trust in your students.

  6. Create take-aways giving more value to your students 

  7. Create content and exercises that students can learn from away from the session.




Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Spirit Artist & Fine Artist

She is a self-taught artist to a level of  commission professional realism artwork.  A professional teacher of adults for over 20 years and 8+ years as a  Spirit Artist and Medium. 


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